Public Health Laboratories, Environmental Agencies, Departments of Agriculture, First Responders, Geochemistry, Military, Law Enforcement and other Security Agencies.

Compare our work space to others Most people who make mobile units avoid comparisons to YourMobileLab. But here, we invite you to see how we measure up. Our materials, craftsmanship, caliber of equipment, scope of experience, work space, technical support, warranty terms, and payment flexibility are simply superior to others.

• Measure Biofuels Parameters where and when you need to.
• Confirm Unknown Substances for Forensics, Homeland Security, and Military applications, where and when you need to.
• Expedite Food QA/QC to confirm ingredients or eliminate non-conforming products, where and when you need to.
• Analyze Materials, composites, coatings, monitor mine atmosphere, or determine composition of rocks and soils, where and when you need it.
• Analyze Environmental Air, Water and Soil, where and when you need it.

Mobile Measurement with Lab Quality Analysis When and Where You Need It These mobile devices are used to expedite food production and quality testing; measure key parameters for biofuels, oil and gas; perform non-destructive testing of materials; and monitor mining operations. They are also used in homeland security, military and forensics operations for the rapid detection of drugs and explosives, and to enable on-site analysis of environmental samples such as air, water and soil

Rapid detection and response tools for civil protection from toxic chemicals, biological agents, or nerve agents.

Mobile labs allow users to test in remote locations more quickly and at a lower cost than at many fixed labs. A mobile lab is defined as a lab that operates within a vehicle. Mobile labs are utilized in sectors including environmental testing and continuous monitoring, mining, oil and gas, emergency bodies, food and military.

Our mobile lab experience highlights the possibilities and challenges associated with mobile labs and what improvements need to be made to maximize mobile lab's efficiency and productivity. Custom design according to the required application of the Mobile Lab will offer maximum flexibility and large sample prep capacities to assure maximum productivity in the field.

Expand Mobile measurement in emerging economies to serves remote locations where there is not a network of local laboratories available.

Speed up sample to analysis time can be fundamental in Emergency operation, Environmental, Forensic and Food safety.

YourMobileLab solutions provide rapid and reliable response systems to detect, identify, and confirm suspected chemical and biological agents.

Real experience – Real solutions

Mobile lab operation requires very robust instrumentation. As Agilent Technologies Channel Partners, when GC, GC-MS, FTIR and HPLC request mobility, we offer a complete portfolio of mobile applications for fast, accurate, and cost effective measurements from Agilent, the premier measurement company. We do also integrate 3rd party instruments to complement our mobile lab solutions.

With its more than 35 years of chemical and biological analysis expertise, Agilent has become a world-class provider of leading-edge analysis equipment. From forensics to pharmaceuticals to environmental science, researchers throughout life science and chemical analysis industries rely on their instruments to analyze countless substances with accuracy and precision.

We now apply this valuable, real-world experience to help defend against domestic terrorism, environmental and food threads.

In cooperation with worldwide private laboratories and governmental agencies, Agilent has partnered with leaders in their respective fields to offer reliable, accurate measurement systems to identify chemical and biological warfare agents, as well as toxic industrial compounds. Even trace levels of an agent or compound can be identified by our systems with complete accuracy.

In a scenario where rapid response is required or it is physically impossible to bring the suspected agent to the lab, now it's time to bring the lab to the agent.

YourMobileLab customized laboratories are a state-of-theart solution used to quickly and safely analyze dangerous substances at or near incident sites. These mobile systems are a self-contained lab that provides researchers a protective environment to conduct accurate, reliable tests on the spot. These systems enable faster results, providing information to make faster decisions, potentially saving lives.

Providing instruments that customers can use when and where they need them is another way YourMobileLab helps scientists make important discoveries and manage workflows

YourMobileLab, a fully integrated analytical platform, is equipped with state-of-the-art, customer-proven measurement systems. The mobile laboratory is configured to detect and confirm the presence of chemical and biological agents in air, water, soil, or food supplies, even at trace levels. Whatever traditional fix laboratory application is required we can bring it to the field with our integrated and compact mobile lab solutions.

Our unique customized design allows trained personnel to conduct potentially hazardous analyses in safety, using separate and self-contained areas for sample preparation and sample analysis.

Unlimited Laboratory Applications in the field Here are just a few examples of Self Sufficient Remote Laboratories:

1. Environmental quality – Air – Water – Soil
1. Drinking Water
2. Wastewater
3. Air Monitoring
2. Remediation support i.e., soil mixing, dig and haul etc
3. Process – Fossil Fuel E&P – Mining- Industrial
4. Geotechnical QA/QC – Engineering – Materials Testing - Geosciences
5. Marine Applications
6. Wildlife Research
7. Mobile Sample Acquisition and Field Testing Lab
8. Modular for Permanent Lab locations
9. Characterization below limits of direct-sensing field instruments
10. On-site confirmation of direct-sensing results

The setup of these laboratories are job specific and are capable of housings advanced instrumentation including high performance gas chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography and ultra performance liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (MS), and inductively coupled plasma/MS, FT-IR's, automated sample prep, wet chemistry,… among others.


Some challenging operations involve continuous data acquisition of specific parameters and others must have broad capabilities like that of a full service lab. The locations for these needs vary from the urban environment to extreme remote locations. There are challenges in outsourcing many analytical services out of regions or even out of countries. YourMobileLab offers a valid alternative to meet these challenges and assist you in accomplishing most laboratory functions for continuous motioning or assessment programs.