eatures for Most our Mobile Laboratory Platforms

1. Interior finish & insulation 2. GPS system to log and track position
3. Meteorological station
4. Fume hoods of all types
5. Roof Air conditioning system with heater
6. Accelerated air exhaust systems
7. Intercommunication systems
8. Tap water storage
9. Distilled water storage
10. Waste collection systems
11. Decontamination areas
12. Sample container and field instrument storage
13. Communication systems – internet access point
14. Redundant power systems. Plug system for exterior electrical supply. Any voltage available.
15. Extra fuel tank for power generator
16. Equipment mounting systems for mobile units that secure and reduce vibratory impacts
17. Full benches with cabinets
18. 12V Fridge/Freezer: Capacity 43litres including 4 litre freezer compartment under laboratory laminated work surface at rear of second row seats. Powered by 12V vehicle electrics.
19. Separate intermediate 12V battery with split charge relay
20. Interior lights and power sockets with wiring to outside socket or integrated power generator
21. Stainless steel sink with fittings and 25-gal. Water system
22. Water heater with holding tank
23. 12v water pump
24. Under floor water tank (100 litre)
25. Roof-mounted HVAC
26. Consumable lab gas line distribution systems
27. Custom connections for Gas, Water, Electrical, and Data to the instruments.
28. Refrigerators/Freezers
29. Ice Machines
30. Laboratory Generated Waste Disposal Systems
31. Floor Drains
32. Office Space
33. Exterior grade ply floor overlaid with washable anti-slip flooring. Floor 12mm treated FE ply with Polyflor non slip, anti static (EN1815) acid and alkali resistant safety vinyl
34. Field Instrument Docking Stations
35. Lab Gas Generators
36. Firefighting Systems and other Safety equipment
37. Emergency eye wash stations
38. CCTV Systems/Access Control
39. Easy access systems (ramps and electric steps)
40. Lateral and rear access
41. Exhaust Filtration Systems. Filters and airflow required to remove hazardous materials
42. Furniture according each application
43. 30" fiberglass fume hood
44. 2.7 cu. ft. refrigerator
45. 4-gallon solvent cabinet
46. Gas cylinder storage
47. Stabilizing jacks, front & rear
48. Auxiliary batteries
49. Interior & exterior lighting
50. Folded and welded ruggedized aluminum steps with fully adjustable feet, locating guides and locking bolts c/w hand rails
51. Permanent 4-wheel drive
52. Heavy duty double acting shock absorbers
53. Meets EU2 Emissions' targets
54. Laminated windscreen
55. Aluminum corrosion resistant body
56. Supplied with a 36 month or 100,000km International Warranty - whichever comes first

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Van mounted laboratory. compact & agile platform

Mobile labs in this platform are a very practical solution for field deployment. This is the ideal compact mobile lab platform as these units offer quicker access to remote locations. Further they are easy to navigate in urban areas, where extreme mobility and manoeuvrability are requested. This world recognized platform is ideal for international applications

YourMobileLab VAN Lab models are based on a standard fabricated vans from world leader manufacturers Sizes as references: Length: 590.5 cm (232.5") , 694 cm (273.2") or 734.6 cm (289.2") High: (From floor) 282 cm (110.8") or super high roof 320 cm (120.1")

These are very easy to maneuver in tight city streets or narrow, unimproved roads. It accommodates a small team of personnel (2, 3 or even 6 people) who must gain access to remote sites. The platform is specifically designed for sample collection and testing without the need for external infrastructure. Samples can be prioritized for rapid testing or safely transported to another testing facility, making our Van Labs ideal for First Responders.

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YourMobileLab VAN-custom Chassis- Light vehicle basis with tailored made body.

Also available are the Medium Trucks are ideal for a diverse number of laboratory applications in urban and rural locations where larger vehicles may not be able to travel. These mid-size truck labs can operate in an array of challenging missions. These labs are also available with 4-wheel drive for better access to remote areas

Same structure as option A, but with the rear part designed and constructed fully adapted to the project requirements. Specially recommended for the simultaneous work of more than 1 technician as you gather much more interior space. Consisting on:

- Vehicle van-type structure. (Any brand, depending on local service support)
- Laboratory construction: tailor design for each application
- Laboratory length up to aprox. 5.300m

We have specifically designed this platform for applications requiring the integration of primary containment equipment such as biological safety cabinets and fume hoods into a compact space Available with a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet for higher containment applications Commonly configured with a Class III BSC in a BSL-2 laboratory environment, Van Labs offer a small, safe and efficient platform for on-site analytical and processing applications. We do install a relatively large amount of containment equipment into this small, self-sufficient laboratory to facilitate sample collection, rapid testing and sample packaging for safe and secure transport to a strategically based reference lab.

Van Labs are ideal for First Responders and Monitoring & Surveillance Operations Mobile Laboratories support a wide variety of applications performed by Departments of Agriculture, Departments of Environment, Public Health Laboratories and First Responders. Rapid deployment of properly equipped mobile units is vital to operations that prevent further transmission of disease and help maintain quarantine zones. In high-consequence disease outbreaks YoumobileLab VAN Labs provide flexibility, speed, analytic reliability and safe sample handling and transport.

Mobile Sprinter Labs with Standard Configurations

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Truck mounted laboratory

Used where space and manoeuvrability are requested Heavy vehicle basis with tailored made body. The best selection for those laboratories with permanent movement demand and high working space needs.

Consisting on:

- Heavy truck structure. - Laboratory construction: tailor design for each application - Laboratory length up to 12 meters (40 Ft) - Maximum load authorized: 16 tons YourMobileLab TRUCK Laboratories were initially constructed to be rugged and compact to support military missions. However, over time, customers also wanted larger platforms to carryout additional analyses. With our 10+ meter long Trucks design we meet these new market needs. This larger-scale mobile lab offers the most advanced option for mobility, integrated equipment and level of safety. This type of mobile laboratory is self-contained and carries the resources to allow the unit to operate remotely for larger scale projects and long periods of time. Truck labs are also typically equipped with slide-outs, yielding more usable lab space.

YourMobileLab TRUCK Laboratories are also capable of remaining on-site for longer periods of time and need less external infrastructure to operate. They carry decontamination and liquid waste tanks. The labs are equipped with emergency generators and can also be plugged into local external power sources. They are capable of providing diagnostic surge capacity to fixed labs during times of epidemics, pandemics and other natural disasters.

Large Truck Labs for up to BSL-3 YourMobileLab TRUCK Laboratories based on Large Trucks provide ample space and capabilities for up to BSL-3 operations. They can be used as completely self-contained and self-sustaining mobile labs. These large truck laboratories are useful for sending complete laboratory facilities to remote areas where fixed based labs are not available. These truck laboratories can go to more places and stay there longer allowing for larger scale on-site operations with the added benefit of mobility

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YourMobileLab TRAILER mounted laboratory

The best solution for long stationary working periods. Low cost in relation with the working capacities. It demands external towing vehicle. Several towing fixtures available according with onsite laws.

YourMobileLab TRAILER Laboratories : Trailer Labs are an alternative to our truck platforms. They allow the user to leave the lab in-place while using the towing vehicle for resupplying the lab or for other purposes. To meet various requirements and provide versatility, trailer labs are available in six, seven, and twelve meter lengths. Most of the options that are available in the Truck Labs are also available in our Trailer Labs. These versatile mobile laboratories allow for the maximum available lab space. In addition to on-site field use, this category of mobile lab may be used for surge capacity at fixed site facilities.

Consisting on: - Flat platform trailer: Two axis – ABS - Braking actuator - Lighting signals - Laboratory length up to aprox 7 m - Maximum load authorized up to 16 tons - Laboratory construction: tailor design for each application YourMobileLab TRAILER Laboratories: Biological Safety, High Containment up to BSL-3

Trailer labs can be built up to BSL-3 specifications and are self-sustainable in the field. They include on-board power and gas generators and water tanks. Trailer labs may also be connected to power and water sources on-site. Trailer Labs may be outfitted with most of the options that are available in Truck Labs, but offer an alternative vehicle-type. To meet various requirements and provide versatility, we offer both tag trailers and gooseneck trailers.

Bumper hitch TRAILERS Tag trailers are our most popular platform because of ease of towing and affordability. Available in a wide variety of sizes, tag trailers are designed to meet your specific laboratory requirements. Bumper hitch models connect to a ball on your truck's bumper

GOOSENECK / KING-PIN TRAILERS Transportable via 5th wheel attachment, Gooseneck trailers offer generous lab space for all necessary laboratory functions. They also feature isolated mechanical space for HVAC systems, HEPA filters, and electrical generators. Highly maneuverable and affordable, Gooseneck trailers are an attractive alternative to fixed laboratory space.

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YourMobileLab Container Mounted Laboratories

Used for long term testing at one site, as well as road construction

MOBILE CONTAINER LABS: We offer a Mobile Container Lab that features retractable wheels. These labs can be transported by standard container shipping methods (truck, ship and train) as well as airlifted on cargo aircraft such as the C-130 or other similar air plane. They can be pulled as a trailer locally or to other sites. As with the rest of our line of Mobile Laboratories, they are designed to maximize space and can fully integrate any piece of laboratory equipment for primary bio-containment. Containerized: This type of mobile lab is utilized for rapid and flexible international deployments, combining the transportability of an ISO intermodal shipping container with the mobility of a trailer. These mobile laboratories are a unique way to quickly respond to public health emergencies and outbreaks, natural disasters, industrial accidents or for use in bio-security.

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YourMobileLab AIR- C-130 TRANSPORTABLE Laboratories

Mobile labs may also be configured for air cargo compatibility .Military and governmental organizations are increasingly challenged to enhance their readiness-response capabilities for natural disasters, outbreaks, environmental accidents or counter-terrorism. These operations may require the quick transport of larger capacity equipment. In some national and international operations, airlifting the laboratory on cargo transport aircraft is the most robust approach. This modality delivers the mobile lab with the ultimate flexibility and quickest response time combined with maximum lab capacity.