Why YourMobileLab should be your choice?

We design, engineer and manufacture advanced mobile laboratories. We focus on properly engineering and building the mobile laboratory that meets your exact requirements. We also utilize our expertise on seamlessly integrating the lab into the platform of your choice. Some motor vehicle companies have attempted to enter the mobile lab market, outfitting their vehicles with 3rd-party laboratory equipment. However, they lack the expertise to properly integrate these analytical instruments in a primary and secondary containment systems. Our focus is the analytical performance of our integrated solutions.

We have more than 10 years of experience in making mobile labs by configuring vehicles for the proper integration of laboratory equipment.

The essential criteria for any lab manufactured by YourMobileLab, is that it meets the specific a analytical demands of the user. First responders and laboratory personnel require well-designed lab environments - whether they are working at a fixed-site or in the field. YourMobileLab manufactures laboratories that are precisely integrated into the mobile platform of your choice.

As a single-source provider, we eliminate the need to manage numerous subcontractors.

We offer more work space, greater patient and staff comfort, and more indoor storage, just for starters.

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Compare our work space to others Most people who make mobile units avoid comparisons to YourMobileLab. But here, we invite you to see how we measure up. Our materials, craftsmanship, caliber of equipment, scope of experience, work space, technical support, warranty terms, and payment flexibility are simply superior to others.

All laboratory equipment is seamlessly and securely integrated into the mobile biosafety lab.

All the implemented instruments are securely mounted on specially designed shock absorbers to avoid damage while moving. Specially designed lab desks and lockers provide optimal work space and storage of samples and chemicals. The on board electric transformer supplies power to the instruments and devices from 2 sources: chargeable 12V batteries and external and internal 240V. Containers for waste and fresh/distillate water supply are easily accessible through the back doors.

Modern Mobile Laboratories utilize sophisticated components and containment systems, all of which must work seamlessly and often within rugged environments. Mobile Laboratories are now deployed for a wide range of public health and biosecurity applications. These mobile labs provide bio-containment for regions that were previously inaccessible or for operations that require quick mobilization of laboratory resources.

YourMobileLab delivers advanced containment capabilities worldwide. These labs provide effective solutions when alternatives to conventional laboratory structures are required. Our Mobile Labs enhance existing laboratory capabilities; allow faster deployment and maximum flexibility of operations; and deliver heightened levels of bio-containment (up to BSL-3 / P3) to remote areas.

How YourMobileLab distinguishes itself as the leader in the field: We have the knowledge, experience and proven track record required to construct a well-designed containment lab.

Our focus is building labs that can be outfitted into the vehicle of your choice. We work with the world leader analytical instrument manufacturers and virtually integrate any type of standard and non-standard laboratory component that is required for your application, and we deliver the complete solution as a "turnkey project".

Exceeding End User Satisfaction Is Our Goal

Our experience has demonstrated that advanced mobile lab projects must be developed with a lab-to-vehicle approach (not a vehicle-to-lab approach). This means that the core design must be focused around the lab and integrated into the optimal vehicle for the application.

Each of our customers are productive from the first day they got their customized vehicle

Our goal is to provide the platform that best suits the needs of our clients. We want to ensure that unique equipment and work flow needs are addressed before the design process begins. Logical integration of platform design, equipment and personnel is the key to a successful operation. When contacted, we will provide a selection and needs analysis with a menu of choices that covers:

1. Product Line and Ancillary Support Equipment 2. Layouts 3. Fixed Equipment 4. Optional Equipment 5. Services

Along with experienced industry chemists, we do implement laboratory instrumentation identical to that which is found in large scale commercial laboratories in a mobile setting. On-site analytical services can be mobilized to address a multitude of organic and inorganic contaminants, while following regulatory approved quality assurance practices.

The quality of analytical services provided through the use of our mobile laboratories, have duly met the requirements for the regulations governing laboratory certification, and standards of performance.